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Schizophrenic Mystic

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Spoken Word by Elijah Allred

"Behind the rabid dog brawl

Between every animal that

The wood-grain of your brain

Has ever been in

There is a hole.

There is a hole

That heaven drilled in the pavement

In the devil’s split-level basement,

And in that hole

There lives a man.

There lives a man

When he is not passed-out, puking up

Truth withdrawals in the back of the bars

Of the cage

That’s duct-tape draped

Around your bumping atrium

There is a hole

Full of a man,

Fool of a man;

The mall-crawlers all call him

Doctor Weird-Beard

But they know full well

His real name is

The Schizophrenic Mystic.

The Schizophrenic Mystic

Rails at every rickety

Hollow-hands-in pockets

Passing thought

Like every tick of the

Biological clock in your brain

Is just one more box-car on the same

Night train,

He says:

“ Where the hell do you think you’re goin’?

Where do you think you’re goin’? Hm?

Yer not goin’ anywhere. Yer staying here. With me.

You and all your little friends, and the little swerve of yer little earth

Are just walkin’ in big dumb circles, big dumb circles

Fulla bigger, dumber circles

That’re so beyond yer comprehension

That it’s practically an insult that y’even give a name to ‘em.“

And that’s why

You can try to run but he
Follows close behind you,

He drags his ragged baggage

All along the

Tenements of the infinite

And every ruptured step schlepped

Seems to ask another ‘why’:

“Why not choke down barbed-wire trashcan-fire of desire

And puke up bile into your absurd-word squirt gun?”

“Why not wrap a boxing glove around your chest

And grand-slam your shoddy-body into chain-swung dead-weight of insanity?”


“Why not chain-smoke the unfiltered slaughterhouse of love

Until your ugly bum-gums go bloody? Hm?”


He is the ‘still-too-hot’ in the ‘already-wet-and-naked’;

He is the ‘no-escape’ in the ‘haven’t-even-been-there-yet’.

And until you learn to turn and face him,

Offer him a glass of water,

Listen to his questions with

Unbearable compassion

And Let him crush your wristwatch

He will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever fall silent

And you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be free. "


from Withinity, released April 30, 2013




Somatoast Austin, Texas


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